Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tribal Prints

Chicago is freezing. Icey cold, tons of snow and of course without a car I am left to walk around the city in the frigid cold.
I have been in an all black rut as of lately, her is my non-black alternative to all black.
What I am wearing:
Vintage Talbots heavy knit sweater
Omega tribal Belt that you can buy here
50s tribal dress cut into a tunic
Korel Snowboots
6126 latex leggings
Bronze Leaf necklace
Leopard heart earrings by Betsey Johnson
Smokey Quartz ring

And of course it was a whopping 8 degrees today! Wheeeww is it toasty!

This was one of my favorite full skirted dresses that I wore till it was thread bare. I didn't have any choice other than to convert it into a shorter dress.

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