Tuesday, February 15, 2011

That 70s (fashion) show

The March 2011 issue of W is my September Issue. Every page, every look, I just love it. Who needs fall and winter fashion when you can have big bold look at me fashion. I have expressed it before, but I don’t do 70s well. I love the 40s-60s, because for a girl with a 24” waist there is nothing like a big full skirt to accentuate my curves. The 70s do nothing for my body; I look like a blob, a colorful blob.
Despite this recognition I am extremely excited for the approaching fashion season. Slap on some coral-pink, a loose sheer blouse and perhaps even a wider (note I didn’t say wide leg) pair of pants. It will be hard to get me out of my skinny jeans, but for fashions sake I may venture into the world of the wide leg trouser. It’s a shame I don’t wear 25’s in Hudson jeans as I am selling a pair on eBay right now.
Mila was on the cover, but when she is the least exciting part of the magazine you know W did it right.
I would love to shoot something like this. I was thinking this would be a stunning representation of the Michigan Shores. Hey Cancelino, what do you think?
Let the big hair live on. Please.

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