Monday, February 7, 2011

40s as the present

One of my biggest influences on how I dress are women of the past. If I can maintain half the wit and charm that they do, I am doing pretty well. I love the elegance of yesteryear accompanied by a fresh twist of Japanese street fashion.

 Winter makes dressing a little more complicated especially when coupling the 20+ inches of snow of the ground with Gale force winds on the streets of Chicago. I own a dozen pairs of boots, but even they can’t help my sometimes gray winter wardrobe.  Sometimes it is hard to believe that underneath the layers of Calvin Klein down coats, Tse Cashmere cardigans and thermals I actually have a body. This week I am giving winter the middle finger and am going to venture out in a few less layers.

Luckily this is what my hair tends to do naturally... if only to be as naturally pretty as her! swooon!

I am planning on tights, slouchy boots and summer dresses layered upon thin long sleeves. Unfortunately my granny coat will still be worn, but at least I can feel somewhat feminine with a few less layers.
My weeks inspiration… daring prints, light hemlines and the double digit temperatures. Hey a girl can only ask for so much!
I may have to break out the trench coat

photo's courtesy of Glamourdaze blog

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  1. i know how the winter can change your wardrobe - all i care about is being warm :) lovely blog

    stop by sometime<3